Upsert to Data Extension



Considerations & Use Cases

  • This action alone doesn't result in a contact receiving an email ...

This action will both add and remove contacts from a data extension, so it can be used to keep a segment in sync. If a contact already exists, their content will be updated (the 'Add and Update' setting within Salesforce Marketing Cloud). This action is compatible with creating a Data Extension from within Simon and using it for multiple variants in an experiment.

Use Cases

  • Keeping a segment and content up to date.
  • Experiments with different variants using the same Data Extension

To get started:

  1. Create a flow.
  2. Under Destination, choose the Salesforce Marketing Cloud channel then the Upsert to Data Extension action.
  3. Configure the parameters described below:

Configuration Parameters

Data extension Data extension name within SFMC
Data extension fields Custom context values to send to data extension. There needs to be a 1-1 relationship between field name and field value.