Edit an existing dataset

  1. From the left navigation, click datasets.
  2. Find the dataset you would like to edit and click the name to be taken to the editor.
  • Search by tags or dataset name and narrow down by field or category. See Dataset overview.
  • Click Run to retrieve a sample of the data at any time.
  • You can update the dataset itself, or add fields. (You can't remove fields; contact your Account Manager for assistance).
    • If you update the dataset, revalidate it before it can be saved (see Dataset Validation).
    • If you add new fields, configure them. (see Field Configuration).
    • You can also edit the dataset field description:
Dataset field descriptionDataset field description

Dataset field description

  1. Once validation passes and any new dataset field is configured, click Save to commit your changes.

Dataset updates are reflected after the next run of your Simon pipe.

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