You can use your existing Iterable account to send triggered email deliveries via Iterable campaigns.

You can also personalize campaign templates through Simon Custom Contexts.

Getting started

After reviewing Iterable documentation, create a flow in Simon and choose one of these available actions:

  • Send Triggered Email to Contact using Iterable
  • Send Push Notification to Contact using Iterable
  • Send SMS to Contact using Iterable
  • Send Contact Content using Iterable
  • Send Contact to List using Iterable

Some actions are only available in specific flow types:

Send Triggered Email to Contact
Send Push Notification To Contact
Send SMS to Contact
Sync Contact Content
Sync Contact To List

Email, Push, SMS actions

Use Cases:

Send Triggered Email to ContactSend Push Notification To ContactSend SMS to Contact
Automate core lifecycle email campaigns based on change in segments state.

Drive rich personalized emails off of customer data and variables.
Send personalized push notifications based off customer data and behavior.Send personalized SMS based on customer data and behavior.


  1. For each of these action types, you'll complete:
Workflow Iterable Campaign (this owns the Template)
Custom context (optional) Apply customization from data in Simon Data.
Frequency Cap Limit sends to a customer within a time period

Iterable Fields

Send a Test

  1. You can also send a test message to yourself or someone else by entering their email address into the Test Recipient Contact field then clicking Send.

If you want the test message to preview the experience for a specific contact, click Select next to Preview Contact and search for the contact whose information will be used in the test message.


Send Test

  1. Click OK to finish adding your action.

Sync actions

Sync Contact Content

The Sync Contact Content action updates contact properties in Iterable.

  • Click Add to add fields manually or
  • Click Select a recent action to copy to use existing custom context.


A few things to note:

  • Data field types must match the types sent in previous requests, across all data fields in the project.

  • Data field types will always default to string, but this can be changed by selecting the desired data type in the dropdown.

  • If a contact in the flow does not have an existing record in Iterable, a new user record is created.


Sync Contact Content

Sync Contact To List

Use this action to sync contacts in this flow to your Iterable list, if they're not already there.

Check the box to indicate you want to do this, then click *OK:


Sync Contact To List