Journey Metrics

With Journey Metrics you can understand how contacts are being distributed between different branches or what parts of the journey are most active.

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  • After a journey version has been published, it loads a reporting view that shows a series of metrics for each step. Entries are shown for every step, and when you click on a step you will see more details in the side drawer.

  • You can switch between viewing reporting and settings in the side drawer by clicking on Settings or Reporting at the top. The reporting that is displayed is specific for the selected version.

  • To view a breakdown of the skip reasons, click Skipped Contacts Breakdown.

Step CountsStep Counts

Step Counts

Status Descriptions

  • Under Step Counts, the following is displayed for each step:



Entries / Unique

Total and unique number of contacts that have entered this step.


Contacts that have moved to the next step


Contacts that have exited the journey at this step (e.g. due to exit criteria)

  • Delay steps display a count of contacts that are currently waiting at this step.

  • Action steps display additional information about Channel Activity:




Contacts that were processed for this channel action


Contacts that were successfully sent to the channel


Contacts that were not successfully sent to the channel

Additional reporting functionality will be added in the future.

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