Journey Versions

Edit a running journey

Journeys Two lets you safely edit a running journey by creating a new version.

From the existing Journey, click Edit:



This creates a new journey version. You can now make changes to the structure or settings of the new draft version before you determine that it's ready to be published.

At this point, all the changes are published at once, and new contacts will go through the new version, while contacts who were already in the previous version will continue in that version until they exit.

You can always go back to view a previous version in review mode. Note, the global journey settings can't be modified between versions: entry segment, journey name and exit rules.

(To view the status of any journey, from the left navigation click Journeys then search for your journey name.)

Delete a draft

  1. Click Edit Draft.
  2. In the top right, click the Version number label to view all the Journey Versions.
  3. Click the running version (you need to be in the running version to delete a different draft).
  4. Next to the draft you want to delete, click the trash can.
  5. Confirm you want to delete the draft; you can't undo this once you delete.

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