Send Triggered Email To Contact


You can use Responsys to send triggered messages to your contacts. Using this action, contacts will receive an email containing the Responsys campaign template selected in the action. To edit the Responsys template, visit the Responsys Help Center to learn more.


Considerations & Use Cases

  • This action alone doesn't result in a contact receiving an email. You need to set up an automation in Responsys to use the PET for a send.
  • If the API triggered send requires custom context, those fields won't pop up automatically in the flow action window to configure the field values (custom context).

Configuration Parameters



Responsys Campaign Name

Name of the campaign within Responsys.

Custom Context

Custom context values for personalization.

Frequency Cap

Number of sends per contact per period of time.

How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes this action's functions for each flow type.

Flow Type


One-Time (Recommended)

Send a message, once at send time

Triggered (Recommended)

By segment membership:
Send a message, when a newly added contact joins a segment

By an event:
Send a message, once when a contact performs a specific event




Send a message, on a schedule to all newly added contacts

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