Sync Contact To Customer Match Audience


Action Sunset

This action was sunset in May, 2023. Please see Sync Contact To Multi-Key Customer Match Audience


Sync contacts with a Google Ads Customer List for use in Customer Match.

Only contacts in your streaming flow who are existing Google users will be added to your Customer list and subsequently be able to see any ads you trigger from Google Ads. Google Ads identifies this based on a matching email address.

You can choose from a manager or sub-manager account. For more information on managing those accounts, review the Google Ads help guides.

To get started, create a Stream Flow then add the Sync Contact To Customer Match Audience using AdWords channel action:


Note, this action is not available in Journeys 2.

Configuration Parameters

Ad Account

Select the account you want to sync to from the drop-down field. We sync these lists directly from your Google Ads account. If you don't see the account you're looking for, contact your account manager for support.


Sub-Manager Accounts

If you choose a sub-manager account, be sure it is able to access/remove the user ids in the segment you're going to use in the Flow. Refer to the Google Ads documentation for more detail.

How this Action Functions by Flow

Channel actions behave differently when used in different flows. The table below describes this action's functions for each flow type.

Flow TypeFunction
StreamAdds or Removes contacts, as they enter or exit this flow respectively, to your Google Ads Customer List if they are an existing Google user based on a matching email address.