Simon Data connects to Airship to send push notifications and tag contacts


You can use your existing Airship (previously known as 'Urban Airship') setup to push mobile messages via Simon one-time messages, recurring, and triggered messages. You can also use this to tag contacts in Airship from a Simon stream.

A couple notes before you get started:

  • Valid Contact Identifiers are:
    • UA Channel ID + Device type (iOS or Android)
    • Named User ID

How to send a push notification to a contact (one-time, recurring, and triggered messages)

  1. After you've added Airship under Integrations, complete the following fields:
  • Message Title: Optionally, include a message title. This appears in bold when customers receive their notification on their mobile device. You can use any of the custom contexts described in step 2.
  • Message Action: You have three options here:
    • Home Screen : Customers click to be taken to your client app homepage, the link for which is configured via your Airship Default Action URL.
    • Opens to a deep link : Links to a location in your native iOS or android mobile app. If you select this, enter your desired Deep Link URL in the field that appears below the drop down. You can use any of the custom contexts described in step 2.
    • Opens to a web page: When clicked from the message, opens a webpage in a mobile browser (like Safari on Apple iPhone). If you select this, enter your desired Web Page URL in the field that appears below the drop down.
  • Image URL: Include the URL for the image you want included in the message. You can use any of the custom contexts described in step 2.
  1. Compose a message using plain text and Custom context basics. A realtime preview displays in the right pane.
  • From the Contact Tab, select any contact properties in Simon to personalize the push. For example, you could choose a first name property to personalize your greeting to the receiver.
  • In the Lookup tab, select any previously created lookups to use in your message content:
  • In the Blocks tab, select any content blocks you want to use in your message:
  1. Choose a frequency cap. Your options are a combination of:
  • Max Sends per Period: This refers to the period you set in the second drop-down. You can choose 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or Unlimited sends.
  • Period: You can choose 1, 7, 14, 30, 60, 90, 180, 365 days, or N/A for no boundaries.
  1. Optionally, but recommended, send a test to preview what your message will look like. Include an email then click Send.
  1. Click OK to save your settings, then complete the flow as usual.

How to tag contacts in a stream

  1. Add the Tag Contact action under integrations. Only add it once or it'll send twice.

A couple things to note:

  • Airship tag name defaults to Simon segment name. Special characters will be removed and whitespaces replaced with underscores. Variants names (if configured) will be appended to tag name as well.
  • Contacts must either exist in Airship as named users or be mapped within Simon to particular Airship devices.
  1. Continue to create your flow as usual.

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