Journeys Two Walkthrough


Journeys 2 Beta

This walkthrough is for Simon Journeys Two, currently in Beta. Contact you account manager for more information.

For documentation on Journeys One, click here.

Getting started

Considerations before you begin

Some items you might want to have prepared before you begin building your journey are:

  • Your business goal
  • What you want to communicate and any email templates you're planning on using
  • Segments to include in enter and exit criteria - jot down the names of those segments

You can always step out of your journey drafting to work on these items. With Journeys 2, your journey draft auto-saves!

What's involved?

In general, to create a journey you'll:

Switch between Journeys 1 and Journeys 2

Some actions (like reporting) must be performed in Journeys 1. To switch, navigate to journeys then choose the Journeys 1 tab.


Journeys Tab


Journeys 1 and Journeys 2 are exclusive of each other

Journeys you create in Journeys 2 can't be opened in Journeys 1 and vice versa.